Assist your organization with assessing 3rd -party cybersecurity risk by mitigating, reviewing and managing cybersecurity risks with a suite of tools and services.

Your hiring-clients are encouraged to evaluate of their contractors and suppliers who subscribe to various Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) platforms:

  1. Have access to Hiring Client networks or systems
  2. Process, store or transmit sensitive data
  3. Provide a service critical to the Hiring Client’s operations


Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) platforms have the flexibility to require configurable levels of cybersecurity due diligence based on the perceived level of risk a contractor or supplier presents. Your hiring-clients manage cybersecurity risk by requiring contractors and suppliers to:

  1. Submit a cybersecurity questionnaire.
  2. Review cyber-focused written programs.
  3. Verify cyber liability insurance.
  4. Assign ‘mandated’ complimentary computer-based cybersecurity awareness training for contractors and suppliers.