Assist your organization with insurance & financial risk management tools that give your Hiring-Clients the ability to verify which contractors are compliant with their contractual requirements while streamlining the contractors’ processes to come on site and confidently complete the job. We can help your organization with:

  • Assist with Configurable Questionnaires
    • Contractors and suppliers answer a series of questions to trigger insurance requirements specific to the work they perform.

  • Processing Variance Tools
    • Allows a Hiring Client to configure insurance requirements to a unique  contractor.

  • Sorting-Out Electronic Verifications
    • Receive contractor policy information over a secure data transfer directly from participating insurance companies.

  • Network With Your Insurance Agent/Broker
    • Assist with granting access to your insurance Agent/Broker to direct submit documentation on your organization’s behalf, saving you time and relying on outside expertise.

  • Supplier Diversity
    • Qualify and identify minority-owned companies

  • Financial Strength & Stability
    • View current credit and financial scores.


Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) platforms have unavoidable insurance verification processes that provide the flexibility and detail needed to ensure contractors and suppliers are compliant with insurance requirements.