What are OSHA Inspection Support Services?

Sudden inspections are the ‘dread’ of management and worker’s alike. Nobody likes being surprised by OSHA compliance officials showing up on their doorstep and checking in on their regulatory compliance. An inspection not only sets staff members on edge and disrupts the normal workflow routine, but can be potentially damning for employers


What Can We Do for You

Minimize the potential risk of an inspection by arranging an OSHA mock-inspection with B2B Safety! A Mock OSHA Inspection will evaluate your company’s level of ‘safety climate maturity’ before a real inspection occurs, challenging your company in an effort to learn ways to strengthen your safety culture – and fix potential problems ahead of time. 

  • Identify potential issues in your workplace, assessing practices and standard procedures that your employees use on a day-to-day basis in order to appraise your readiness for a real inspection. We take special notice of written safety materials and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) documents to identify any deficiencies or outdated practices. 
  • Detailed reports citing potential violations and ways to improve your performance in preparation for a real OSHA inspection. Our inspectors assess each aspect of your workplace’s safety program, saving you from potential citations – effectively correcting problems before they get noticed.

While you can never tell when an inspection may be, you can do your best to prepare ahead of time by scheduling a Mock OSHA Inspection to test your readiness.