We offer 3rd party solutions and resources, and supplemental administrative support to your existing team providing guidance to assist you in avoiding employee lawsuits, OSHA fines, workers’ comp premium increases, and a damaging reputation with clients – and potential prospects.

These things can cost you a lot of personal grief and your business a lot of money. We can assist you with your company’s safety management systems by helping your organization establishing a positive safety culture. Brand your company in the industry by solidifying your company’s reputation as a safe and healthful workplace, so you can get work with those larger clients who require a good safety record, increasing your company’s revenue and lowering its risk simultaneously. 

Our safety services allow you to have an outsourced ‘on-demand’ subject matter expert to assist you with time consuming, and administratively burdensome compliance requirements (including ISNetworld®, Avetta, BROWZ, and others. etc.) – so you can focus on your day-to-day business and other necessary operational needs. 

  • Promote Positive Safety Culture and Safer Employees 
  • Minimize Your Risk of Citations and Penalties and Loss of Business
  • Lower Experience Modification Rates (EMR)
  • Better Lawsuit Defense 
  • Sustainable Industry Reputation